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Want to know how to make sparkling wine?

Here's the Last Step, Disgorging

By Ashely Herzberg, Amista Winemaker

I have always loved bubbles!

And now I get to make them. The final step in making a sparkling wine is called disgorging. You'll be an expert when you watch my videos!

Amista Winemaker Ashley - Sabrage



Chilling the necks - Step 1

The process begins by chilling the necks of the bottles to freeze the yeast cells.


Popping the Cap - Step 2

The next step is to pop the cap, which "disgorges" the frozen yeast.


Adding the Dosage - Step 3

The third step is to add a "dosage" of the base wine, which is sometimes combined with a little sugar. It replaces the liquid lost in the previous step and adds a touch of sweetness to balance the wine.



Corks and  Wire Hoods - Step 4

Next, it's time for the corks and the wire hoods.



And Now, We Mix - Step 5

The wine is turned up and down to be sure the dosage is mixed with the rest of the wine.

Isn't it beautiful? This is our Fusión, a blend of Chardonnay, Grenache and Syrah.



Wash and Blow Dry - Step 6

Do you know why the bottles get a wash and blow dry?



Getting Foiled and Crimped - Step 7

The bottles are almost ready for the party. In this step they get their foil tops.


Labeling  - Step 8 

The last step is to add the labels. Well, actually, there's one more step - pop the cork and pour a glass of bubbles for yourself and your friends!

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