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Sparkling Moments in Wine

I have been asked many questions about owning a winery after spending so many years in the corporate world. Here are some of the stories of my journey into wine that have added sparkling moments to my life.

Vicky Farrow
September 4, 2021 | Vicky Farrow

5 Reasons to Love Sparkling Wine

My top 5 reasons to pop the cork!

A Trio of Sparkling Wines from Amista Vineyards with Flowers and Vineyard in the Background

...but it doesn't seem fair to have just five!



  1. I love the sound of a cork being popped. It's joyous! Champagne experts advise that the cork should sound like a sigh when it's removed properly. I say "no way". I like to hear the pop.

  2. I love to see it being poured into a glass as the tiny bubbles bring the wine to life. I tilt the glass slightly to preserve the bubbles rather than have them dissipate into foam.

  3. I love to see the bubbles rising from the bottom of a champagne flute. It's trendy these days to drink sparkling wine from a wider glass. I know it enhances the aromas, but it kills the bubbles and the flute just feels more elegant.

  4. I love the sensation of the bubbles tickling my tongue like little stars exploding on the tastebuds. All the more reason to preserve those bubbles!

  5. I love that sparkling wines go with such a wide array of foods. We often have a bottle of sparkling with dinner, especially with spicy foods that are hard to pair with other wines.

I already have my next five reasons. What are yours?


Vicky Farrow
August 4, 2021 | Vicky Farrow

Why You Should Try Sparkling Syrah, and not Hide Yours in the Closet

No, It's not icky and sweet!

Sparkling Syrah from Amista Vineyards - Joy in a Bottle

...although Winemaker Ashley thought it would be. She stuck hers in the closet. Learn what she discovered.



Who would have thought of making a sparkling wine from Syrah? Oh yeah, the Aussies. They call it sparkling shiraz.  It's deep red in color and typically somewhat sweet.

Ours is a rose, cranberry in color and dry. I call it "joy in a bottle". It's festive! It shimmers! It's delicious!

But Winemaker Ashley wasn't so sure. She received two bottles as a gift from my husband Mike when she became our winemaker. She stuck it in her closet thinking it would be icky and sweet. One night she pulled it out to serve to her girlfriends - a good way to get rid of it. They immediately started raving about it so she took a taste. She became a convert and has been making joy ever since. 

Vicky Farrow
April 4, 2019 | Vicky Farrow

5 Reasons for a Sparkling Wine Club

Why We Created Amista Sparkling Friends

Sparking Wines from Amista Vineyards

Because sparkling wine is meant to be enjoyed with friends!



  1. As a lover of Champagne and sparkling wine, I know that bubbles lovers want their bubbles. We already had a wine club for our red and white wines. But if you're like me, you want the choice to get only sparkling wines in your club.

  2. We will use any excuse to share an extraordinary wine and food pairing. We launched “Sparkling Friends” in 2014 at Passport to Dry Creek Valley, the premiere wine and food event in the area. And we showcased our Blanc de Blanc with fresh shucked oysters! 

  3. Winemaker Ashley and I like to experiment with grapes that are not traditionally used in Champagne, especially our Rhône varieties. Having a wine club sort of pushes us to play with new wines to keep things interesting. We now have a collection of sparkling "gems”, and we want to keep creating more!

  4. We want our Sparkling Friends to have first “pop” at our limited production, estate grown sparkling wines. We are a small “grower sparkling house", much like the small grower Champagne houses in France. Our production is extremely limited, and our sparkling wines often sell out before the next release.

  5. Ashley and I say we make sparkling wines for ourselves, and we also love to share! That’s what friends do – share their discoveries with their friends! Amista means making friends, so it just makes sense.

Become a friend of Amista!

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