July Amista Friends of the Month Newsletter!

Here at Amista, our Wine Club members are very special to us and are considered part of our Family.

These are Club members who continually engage with, and support the Amista Family. In addition to being featured in our monthly newsletter, Amista Friends of the Month receive additional benefits, like extra savings on wine, food pairings, and other treats during the month. We do this every month, and reach out to Club members asking if they would like to participate. So keep an eye out in your inbox to see if you have been nominated!

This month we are featuring our Club Members Deborah and Dieter, who previously lived here in the Bay area, and have since moved to Asheville, North Carolina. They originally joined in 2014 and are now members of our Golden Circle Club and Sparkling Add-On. They have always enjoyed the Dry Creek Valley region and continue to make the trip across the States to return to their favorite Wine Country area. We have been sharing wine and continuing to create great memories for them to take back home and share with friends.  Below is their story!

Becoming a Member:

We now live in Asheville, North Carolina, but for many years we lived in the Bay Area (most recently Novato). While we were there we enjoyed frequent wine tasting outings, either with friends or just the two of us. We enjoy all of the northern California wine regions, but Dry Creek Valley has always been a favorite of ours. In 2014, we were in Dry Creek Valley wine tasting with some friends. We each had our favorite wineries, but agreed that it would be fun to branch out and try some new ones. We chose Amista! We knew nothing about it at the time. We could see it from the road, and it looked like an interesting place. It only took that first visit for us to decide to become members. The people in the tasting room were so friendly and helpful, and the wine was really good. It is hard to stand out when you are surrounded by other good wineries, but Amista managed to do that. (We already belonged to several wineries, and were not planning to join any more at that time). One of the things that sold us was the sparkling wines. We joined the red wine club, with a sparkling add-on. The Add-On gives us some extra sparkling wines around the holidays, which is great for celebrations... or for no reason at all!

Favorite Amista Wine:

We would have to say that the Sparkling Syrah has become a favorite of ours. It is very versatile. It can be paired with a full meal, such as seafood or pork, or it can serve as a good starter with appetizers such as wine and cheese. While some wines need a food pairing, this one doesn't. It is a great sipping wine all on its own. 

Favorite Amista Memory:

We love living in the North Carolina mountains, but we still miss California. Both are beautiful in different ways. Since moving to North Carolina three years ago, we have been coming back to Northern California a couple of times a year to get together with friends, and of course, to go wine tasting. We last visited Amista for the 2019 Passport Event in April. That was our first Passport experience and we will definitelydo it again. We are members of other wineries, but Amista is the one who reached out to us to offer pre-event tickets, to keep us updated, and to invite us to begin the event with them. As usual, we experienced the warmth and attentiveness that we always do when visiting Amista. We are looking forward to our next visit!

Deborah and Dieter love to pair our Sparkling Syrah with seafood or pork, so we are suggesting serving it with our Thick Cut Pork Chop with Herb Garlic Sauce.  Here is a savory recipe for to use for creating this special dish. Thick-Cut-Pork-Chop-with-Herb-Garlic-Sauce

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