October Amista Friends of the Month Newsletter!

Here at Amista, our wine club members are like family. Therefore, we decided to start a monthly newsletter that would feature one of our wine club members. These are club members that are active in the Amista community and continually engage with and support the Amista Family. In addition to being featured in our monthly newsletter, Amista Friends of the Month receive additional benefits like extra savings on wine, food pairings, and other treats during the month. We will be doing this each month and asking club members if they would like to participate, so keep an eye out in your inbox to see if you have been nominated!

Our October Amista Friends of the Month is Herb and Jan from Fort Collins, Colorado.  Herb and Jan have been part of the family since 2010 and are a members of our Golden Circle club. Keep reading to find out a bit more about Herb and Jan!

Favorite Wine:

The Amista Zinfandel has always been one of our favorites but then asking us which is our favorite Amista wine is kind of like asking which of our 3 children we like the best.  Depends on the day. We love the Chardonnay, the Sparkling Syrah (one of the first Sparkling Amista wines we tried back in 2010), and the Cabs.  So, that's the best we can say about our favorite wine.

Becoming Members:

Actually, it's kind of funny.  In early 2010 I got to know Vicky via Facebook.   After chatting for a couple of months I asked her to send me club information.  In May of 2010 we sent our son and his now wife on a Sonoma adventure to celebrate the end of his first year in law school and Mike and Vicky hosted their visit.  I still had never been there but was a member.  We made our first visit in October 2010 with our best friends from Colorado, our now daughter-in-law and a couple of friends from the Bay Area.  We brought (a lot) of lunch from Big John's Market and as we arrived at the winery we were met by Mike and Vicky.  We then proceeded to spend an entire afternoon in the tasting area outside and the tasting room. Mike and Vicky hosted the entire time.  Vicky said we were the first (and maybe only) members that became members before we had ever been to the winery or even tasted the wines.

Favorite Memory:

Again, so many.  Our first visit mentioned above.  The time we visited and made custom pizzas all afternoon outside the tasting room.  Our visit after Matt and Lauren's wedding in 2012.  Matt had just graduated Columbia Law 4 months before and Mike and Vicky gifted him a Magnum of their very first Zinfandel vintage.  Since we became members they have treated us and everyone we have brought to the winery like family.  The friends from Colorado we brought on our first visit are members since that day, our next door neighbors have been members since visiting in 2012, and as of our last visit in 2016 all 3 of our children and their spouses became members.  Our oldest just bought his first new home with his new wife and the closing gift to their realtor was a bottle of Amista Chardonnay.  The banner photo on the Amista Facebook page is us and our family with Mike and Vicky in 2016.  We hope we can break away a day in October as we will be in California to welcome our 2nd granddaughter.

Want to try the wine that Herb and Jan love?

Follow this link to order some of our wonderful Zinfandel vintages.

If you are curious about what to pair with your bottle of 2016 Amista Zinfandel, click on the picture above to find out how to make a fennel sausage and Rocket pizza.
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