May Amista Friends of the Month Newsletter!

Here at Amista, our Wine Club members are special to us and are considered part of our Family.

These are Club members who continually engage with, and support the Amista Family. In addition to being featured in our monthly newsletter, Amista Friends of the Month receive additional benefits, like extra savings on wine, food pairings, and other treats during the month. We do this every month and reach out to Club members asking if they would like to participate. So keep an eye out in your inbox to see if you have been nominated!

This month we are featuring our Club Members Scott and Marilyn who are from Tempe, Arizona. Scott and Marilyn joined the Amista Family in October of 2010 as a Circle of Friends member.  They have been sharing wine and creating lasting memories with us!  Below is their story!

Favorite Wine:

My favorite Amista wine is very difficult.  It would be between the Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and the Illusion. If I have to pick just one, then it is the Cabernet Sauvignon. I enjoy drinking it with chocolate or a good steak. It is real smooth and the taste is more than I expected from this varietal of wine. I prefer Red over White. I have always been a Cabernet Sauvignon drinker and over the years adding Syrah, Zinfandel and Pinot Noir. As Whites go, your Chardonnay is unreal. Most people here in Arizona, that I have tasted the Illusion with fall in love with it. In fact, my mom who is deathly allergic to chocolate is able to drink it. I am a chocoholic! Go figure.

Becoming a Member/Favorite Amista Memory:

Why I joined, and still a member of Amista is an easy answer. I joined in 2010, because from the very first time I entered the tasting room that year, I was treated like family and the wine was amazing. If my memory serves me correctly, the gentleman's name was Ross. He suggested the Dry Creek General Store for lunch back in 2010. I stopped and ate there and then tried three other wineries. After the third, I returned to Amista to thank him for the Dry Creek General Store suggestion. He started pouring me the Illusion, and I questioned why so much of a pour. He smiled and said - I know you love it.

My living in AZ, I do not get to Amista as much as I would prefer. Every time since my first visit, I have always felt like family and felt very special. I have come to celebrate my birthday here the last two years, and everyone at Amista has made my birthday a special occasion!


Scott and Marilyn enjoy our Rockpile Cabernet Sauvignon with a good juicy steak. Try the Strip Steak with Arugula Pesto recipe. It is a perfect match!
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