Our Name - Why Amista?

Amista, roughly translated, means "making friends" in Spanish. We chose it for three reasons. 

First, our journey into wine has been all about friends.  Our friends were with us when we made our fist wine, said good-bye to our first vineyard and first set eyes on this beautiful property in Dry Creek Valley. They have always been here to cheer us on, help us through the challenges and celebrate wine country living.

Second, we chose a Spanish name for our winery in honor of those who originally settled this area.  In fact, our vineyard straddles the boundaries of two former Spanish land grants.  The grant known as Rancho Tzabaco encompassed most of what is the Dry Creek Valley of today. Rancho Sotoyome, just to the south, extended along the Russian River incorporating the Alexander Valley and present day Healdsburg.

And third, we chose it simply because it begins with an "A", putting it at the top of every list!