• Editor for Robert Parker Says Amista Syrah is Delicious

    April 28, 2016

    Melissa Vogt, Deputy Editor for Robert Parker's The Wine Advocate, writes about Passport to Dry Creek Valley. "It’s hard to pick favorites, but there are always a handful of other memorable wines that are absolutely worth mentioning. This year, I fondly remember Amista Winery’s estate-grown Morningsong Vineyards Syrah. Full of rich flavor and spice, it was delicious with Franchetti’s wood-fired pizza," writes Melissa.

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  • Amista Sparkling Syrah - "A Very Pleasant Surprise"

    April 11, 2016

    Amista Sparkling Syrah And Chocolate Strawberry"...this [Amista Vineyards] Sparkling Syrah has a lovely berry nose, is crisp and dry with a nice creamy mousse. A very pleasant surprise," writes Erin Korpisto. She visited Amista during her Sonoma Tour of Healdsburg.

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